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Record Label Contracts

Saturday, June 6th, 2009
Veronica Lane asked:

To start a recording from scratch is something most of us have dreamed of one time or another. There are many labels today than, perhaps, at any another time. And if this is what I think Lazy Acres is in progress of doing, what would you do otherwise?

Now, the label we are currently working on is located in a quiet area with a very small market niche. We have many years of experience in the expansion of recordings and the promotion of artists. So instead of trying to strip for a way to earn money, we are looking more for a platform to help the band to grow and develop. We are in a fast track with CDR in contrast to the ordinary CD, the cost and for the fans and we find that each version is achievable.

The first album for example, has sleeve popups and other extras to go along with each copy; the second album comes with a color of your own choice.

We will not spend money - this is accurate enough – on the beauty of the CDR model. We are working on the basis of the flexibility of the plan for we might just in time build a warehouse with little investment in each version.


The magnitude of this situation is that we have a much larger catalog on a certain data because not all our money is tied on the site. From there, Sam is a great graphic designer and my experience is connected with promotion thus we do not spend that much than other record labels do. Then, there is the mail order (originally) label which has its advantages. Ok, I wanted to say my own label of the future, but what kind of start-up costs will I be looking at?

Well, for our part, nothing. Working at the same kind of copy as the other record labels, we can probably create our first CD or DVD in bulk. We can change the name Wombat RECORDS to ten different names if we like. Just look at Indie labels over the last few years and most had a few artists who are in one or two genres. Lazy Acres is currently specializing in that direction or we can take the ‘well, what if we sign’ approach. As already mentioned ’sign’ is probably an erroneous term - but yes, we are open to anything. (My children are witnesses to that, as I do with them when bombarded with many bizarre questions. But Connor, 18 months, was open as a CD drive. I think it is likely to be me or our boys A and R).

The Truth Behind Starting a Record Label

Monday, June 1st, 2009
Ty Cohen asked:

Did you know that some people have started a record label on accident? Yes, it is that easy. Truly all you have to do is make some records and sell them and you have figured out how to start a record label. The only permission you need to have is from the artists themselves. Other than that, you are good as gold. Of course, later on if you want to expand then you will obviously have more to deal with but just starting out is a cinch. With this being said, do know that it is important to understand legally what you are doing because it is a business.

As I said, it is after all a real business and should be treated this way. Don’t misunderstand me, starting a business does have its ups and downs and requires hard work and dedication. You will have to put in some hours and apply the proper safeguards but in the end, you will end up knowing how to start and run an independent record label.

First, you do need to know what genre of music you plan to start with. Do some research in your desired areas. Deciding how to start an independent label requires you at least understand the genres you choose. You need to be confident in the type of music genre you choose so you can be prepared to market it correctly.

First impressions are crucial and this applies in the music industry especially. When building a roster for your label, be very selective. The music you produce from your label in the beginning is going to either make you or break you. Anyone who knows how to start an independent label properly has to know this. You must honestly believe this music is great and that they are going to make it. Because if they don’t, you won’t.

There are three important steps when researching how to start and run an independent record label. First off, do a little market research. Second off, take any trusted business advice that people have to offer. Lastly, create a solid business plan. Implement these three things when working on how to start a record label.

Of course, this is only the beginning and there is always more to learn. But the purpose of this article is to settle any fears you may have of starting an independent label. Believe me, there is always talent, help and a market to sell to. You just have to find your niche and get the ball rolling. You are the only person in control of learning how to start and run an independent label.