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Digital Insomnia Recordings - Increased web presence

Saturday, December 19th, 2009
Darren Bayton asked:

Hi Folks,

This is my first post at

I would just like to welcome you all to my record label. Digital Insomnia Recordings.

Im going to start off by giving you some links to keep upto date with the movements of my record label and our artists.

This is our new official blog:

And this is our new twitter page. Seems like everyone is on twitter these days so i got with the times today. :)

The next item is about Ben Hunt and his new release coming out on 13th August 2009.

The track is already receiving some nice support from DJ’s around the globe. We have Manuel Le Saux & Ton TB already giving the track top ratings.

This is the 2nd release in the Ben Hunt saga. Following on from the success of his debut release of “Moonlight”, Digital Insomnia Recordings are proud to present Golden Reef.

“Golden Reef” perfectly compliments the summer weather with its uplifting but chilled out sound.

The track starts off powerful but beautiful and instantly draws in the listener. Within the first few minutes you get hooked on how the track builds and progresses and leaves you wondering what’s going to come along next. Then the breakdown drops…

It’s a must have for any DJ’s summer collection.

This release comes with remixes from CJ Peeton, Vincent Cuevas, DJ Magik and Arjona. Each artist giving their own take on this crafted piece of work. We have also included and Original Radio Edit.

Ben Hunt Quotes: “Golden Reef was written with an Ibiza morning sunrise in mind and the tracks emotional breakdown perfectly compliments this thought. As the beautiful strings line builds, in comes the guitar pluck which will guarantee to melt any Trancer. The track then comes back alive and drops with plenty of power but still keeps the feel and emotion flowing rite until the end”.

Hope you can join us in supporting this new release from Ben Hunt.

I will make more posts here soon. I have alot to get on with this week. I have to organise my lecturing Schemes of work ready for Septembers Term begining.

Stay good people. And keep that positive vibration there.

Best wishes

Darren Bayton

CEO - Digital Insomnia Recordings