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How To Start A Record Company

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009
Prabhat786 asked:

Are You Being *Pimped* for Your Music? Take this test to find out..

Ok, so the title got you to open up the email… Great.. Because

this is serious stuff and I want you to be honest with yourself

when reading this email.

Everyday I get phone calls from people who are still chasing the

dream of getting signed to a major label and for the life of me

I can’t figure out why??

I mean, why give-away your creativity, your future and not to

mention most of your hard earnings, in what I call a modern day

pimping scandal

Major record companies DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT care about you

unless you can make them a hefty profit and once that stops

happening, you are out of business

Think of all of the great artist that used to rock the radio waves

just 5 years ago… Where are they now? No one knows, but I will

tell you this, to a major record label, you are only as good as

our last album.

Ask yourself:

A- Are you really doing all of this to be a failure to be laughed

at by friends and family or do you really have a desire to be


B- Are you the type of person who likes to have a say in things

such as what your music should sound like, what you should dress

like and how much money YOU deserve?

(or would you prefer that someone else run your life for you, and

dictate your every move the way a parent does a child?)

I didn’t think so, your much to smart for that!

So think about it, what are your choices..

1. Get Pimped

2. Take the smarter option


O.K. so you want to be heard, you want to keep your creativity and

you surely want to keep as much as your hard earned money as

you can right? RIGHT

So the other option, which most people are successfully turning and

making a small fortune from doing… Is Starting Your Own Record Label.

Yes, thats right, don’t tell me that you have not thought of it

before or maybe you did but just did not know how to get started

or where to turn for help!

Well now, you are in luck because I have it all planned out for

you, take a look here:

It’s the only way to start and maintain a highly successful record


I’ll show you step by step how to

* Get started

* Get money to get started

* Get global recognition

Also, for the first couple of people who act on this, I’m even

throwing in a free copy the brand new “Royalty Calculation Software”

take a look and read more about it here:

How to Start a Record Label with $10!

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009
MakinItMag asked:

Kelby’s Video Blog #1 - Kelby Cannick talks about how he got started in music and how to start a record label with just $10.